Born as an artist he follows this way of life. For years he attended art schools: first the CSIA in Lugano, then he went to Milano and took his diploma in scenography at the Academy of Brera. The thesis he presented was about the Art Brut. He showed how the accademies of art are the negation of the individual artistic spirit. With a doctrine of imitation of the great protagonists of art’s history. This practice only castrates the very impulsion that every future artist could have.
He moved to the Lower East Side in New York and lived there for 10 years. He developed his unique drawing in the dark technique and worked in industrial design. As he went back to Ticino he settled in Carona, where he has his atelier togheter with his son. He is responsible for the artistic part of the wine production for the Cantina Monti from the design of new buildings to the wine bottleā€™s labels.