After the conclusion of his school parkour the 16 year old decided to take a job on a cargo ship. He already had some experience because of his summer jobs as a deck-hand. He sailed for 10 years and raised from deck-hand to second officer. It was a long experience that brought him to ports and coasts of every ocean in the world. Discovering new realities and perspectives made it so that he still engages in social and humanitarian fields. Even if he loved the see, the earth’s call was always very strong. Never wanting to miss a vintage he sailed in November so that he could return during summer to help in the young Cantina Monti. In the late 80’s he settled in Ticino and restructured a country house in the Ronchi of Cademario’s vineyard. He’s lived there with his wife and children and opened a financial advisor office with his father. He attended several classes in viticulture and studied at the institute of oenology at the University of Bordeaux and at Beaune. Focusing on the works in the winery he took over the reins of his father Sergio. He now manages the Cantina Monti following the original philosophy.